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If you've got a busy schedule, don't despair. I offer one-time classes too. Whether it is private lessons in your home, or a small group of friends coming to my kitchen, I will work with you to design the perfect cooking class for your children.

If you'd like to be able to set your 7-16 year old loose in the kitchen to cook dinner for the family, look no further! All private/semiprivate classes include a custom-designed cookbook with easy-to-follow recipes and 1:1 consultation to work with your family's dietary preferences.

Classes are designed to teach everything from cooking basics (like handling food safely and how to plan a balanced meal), and even how to use spices to change the attitude of their food! This is a great weekend activity for a group of friends, or even a Friday night alternative to dropping the kids off at the mall to see a movie.

Theme Parties

Book club? Girl scout troop? Birthday party? You name it, I'll throw it! I can put together a great theme party that your children are sure to remember.

See the great picture below from a recent girls' book club outing. We had a candy making party after the girls finished reading The Candymakers.

Candy Bowls and Chocolate Truffles--A Candy Making Party!!

Feedback from Past Participants


Thank you again for showing the girls such a great time!  They really did have so much fun (even the ones that were skeptical).

I wanted to share with you and all of the moms that the hot discussion in the car on the way back was who would be doing what when they open their own restaurant (that they will run out of someone's back yard on weekends or during the summer). 

They were dead serious--to the point that there was some serious (good-natured) arguing about the details, where the funding would come from, and that the younger siblings would have to help since they realized it would take more than 5 people to get this restaurant up and running. 

It was stressing me out a bit, but I was glad to see them making the kinds of plans that do set wheels in motion--which will help in all of their future careers!  We will be sure to invite you to any restaurant grand opening when it happens.

Thanks again!

Allison Ibrahim

(mom to an 8-year old girl


Thank you for allowing us to come into your home and engage the girls in the world of candy making!  I personally LOVE to bake and cook but candy items and cake decorating are a different ballpark for me, it's a different art! 

The girls loved the bowls and thank you for changing to pretzels because of the nut allergy. I didn't know how you two had left it so I was happy to see that worked out! I am interested to try the one with almonds in our house.  Is there anyway you could send me that recipe?
Thank you again for a nice evening for the girls!  I will keep your number for future reference, both my girls love to cook!
Jill (mom to a 10 year old girl)


July 23-27 Healthy and Yummy
Got a picky eater? Need a nutrition makeover? Your kids won't believe eating healthy can taste so good. Spend the week with us as we work through the most delicious foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. The entire family will be asking for seconds!

July 16-20
Around the World
1 spot left
Each day, we will be exploring a different part of the world and making (and eating!) the cuisine we create. We will make an appetizer and a main dish.

You can also find out more about me, and about what classes are like by following the links on this site!

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location: North Arlington Virginia near the intersection of Lorcom Lane and Nellie Custis; convenient to most of Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland

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