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Chocolate Beet Sweets
The moistest, most delicious cupcakes you've ever had...made with whole wheat flour and beets! 

Black Bean Brownies
Classic Brownies that pack a protein punch and eliminate the oil.

Apple Carrot Oatmeal Cupcakes
Kids get their veggies with this wonderful dessert

Mexican Bean Burgers
An easy weeknight recipe that pleases kids and adults, alike.

Egg Rolls
Baked, not fried and served with a fabulous and healthy dipping sauce

A Ukranian favorite made from potato flour and filled with tofu, potato and spices. Delicious! (I promise)

Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins
Full of fiber and healthy antioxidants, and irresistible to the most finicky eaters!

Strawberry Banana Quinoa Muffins
A healthy ancient grain gets a sweet twist in this eggless muffin recipe perfect for families with food allergies

Holiday Sugar Cookies

We are baking and decorating holiday cookies this week. A perfect way to finish up the year!

Sneaky Pizza Balls
Far from simply a pizza-decorating activity, this is a fun stir and mix recipe with fresh veggies and whole wheat flour. And, they taste delicious!

Banana Sweeties

These baked yummies manage to sneak in a fruit, a veggie AND whole wheat flour.

Whole Wheat Ravioli

A super fun recipe where the kids can work with dough and use a pastry roller!

Pumpkin Yogurt Dip
This simple and delicious recipe is perfect for fall and manages to sneak some beta carotine.

Banana Muffins
A tasty and nutritious treat packed with heart-healthy potassium. Sshhh--they're made with whole wheat!


These healthy little middle eastern goodies are made from garbanzo beans, wheat flour, wheat germ and a variety of spices. They are another "mix with your hands" recipe so the kids can have some fun exploring more food textures.

Roasted Red Pepper Biscuits

With festive bits of red just like the fall leaves, these biscuits are especially fun because you mix the dough with your hands!

Autumn Spice Mini Muffins

Take home the taste of fall as we prepare this delicious (and healthy) muffin recipe, which includes (sneaky veggie surprise) pureed sweet potato and pumpkin!

Chocolate Cupcakes 

Not your supermarket cupcake! You'd never detect these delectable goodies have whole wheat flour.

In my very first cooking class, we made one of my favorite recipes: Autumn Spice Muffins. This is a recipe that I created awhile back as I've been struggling to get Miles to eat more vegetables. The recipe actually happened by accident--I wanted to make pumpkin bread, but we didn't have pumpkin. What we did have was one, lone sweet potato...and sweet potatoes being orange and nutritious, I substituted. Neither Miles nor my (equally picky) husband noticed. In fact, both of them devoured the batch of muffins.

Thus began my quest to create healthy recipes that kids (and my picky husband) will actually eat. I enjoy sneaking things like vegetables, whole wheat, and even tofu into foods that are typically considered treats.

When I began cooking with Miles, I quickly learned that his favorite recipes were those that activated his tactile senses. Anything involving dumping, squishing, pouring, rolling would captivate him completely for long periods of time (and yes, he is as wiggly as they come).

Since my son is my very best critic and teacher as I develop my classes, all of the recipes I have chosen are not only delicious, but also fun to make!

Enjoying their muffins!

Shish Taouk made by my summer campers

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